Integrated Massage and Somatic Therapies
Massage Therapy For Musculoskeletal Pain Relief and Restored Function.


 Integrated Massage and Somatic Therapies is a primarily a mobile Massage and Bodywork service provider with office hours on an appointment only basis.

The aspect of integrating eastern modalities such as: deep tissue, trigger point therapy, swedish massage, reflexology, and acupressure with western modalities such as tui-na, amna, and shiatsu creates more of a dynamic and beneficial massage experience.

The approach used is to look at the musculoskeletal system from a kinesthetic, holistic and homeostatic perspective then apply the techniques accordingly to benefit the client and results desired.

We strive to accomplish gains in the least amount of sessions possible, however outcomes vary on an individual basis.

Massage Therapy is also beneficial from a functional perspective. It assists in muscle recovery after sports and injury, helps maintain muscle tone, and can disrupt the pain spasm cycle commonly felt by many of us on a daily basis. If left unattended this cycle can cause unnecessary and prolonged pain and discomfort.

General but common causes of muscle pain are related to lifestyle (work/activity/inactivity) overuse, fatigue, and stress (psychosomatic pain).

Systemically during a massage session activity decreases in the musculoskeletal, respiratory, nervous, and digestive systems due to the body going into a state of rest and digest.

The circulatory system is directly affected in another aspect by way of massage as massage manually increases circulation through the actual mechanical movement applied during the session.

There are many reasons to book a massage as to just some of the benefits listed here. Thank You for visiting and hopefully you have found this information to be enlightening and beneficial. 

Integrated Massage and Somatic Therapies- providing massage and bodywork services for mobility, pain reduction and function.

 "The root of all health is in the brain. The trunk of it is in emotion. The branches and leaves are the body. The flower of health blooms when all parts work together." - Kurdish folk wisdom

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